Three Egyptians wounded in Israeli raids on Lebanon

Daily Star Egypt Staff
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SIDON: Three Egyptian workers were wounded and a fourth missing in a series of Israeli raids in Lebanon at dawn on Saturday, including an attack near the home of pro-Syrian parliament speaker Nabih Berri. Warplanes raided four gas stations across southern Lebanon, police said. Three workers were wounded and a fourth was missing after an explosion at a fuel station near the southern coastal city of Sidon close to the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain Al Helweh, they said. Black smoke billowed into the sky as flames engulfed the station, an AFP correspondent said. Later, Israeli warplanes bombarded a bridge on the Awali River at the northern entrance of Sidon which had already been destroyed in previous strikes since Israel launched its massive offensive on Lebanon on Wednesday. Lebanese troops opened up anti-aircraft batteries in response. Furthern south, Israeli warplanes also staged two raids on hills in Msaylih, near the residence of the Shiite parliament speaker, police said. The area has been hit three times since Wednesday. A bridge on a highway near Sidon was also partly destroyed. More than 30 bridges in Beirut s suburbs and the south of the country have been at least partly damaged in the Israeli strikes. AFP

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