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25 January death toll 89: Independent count

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WikiThawra death toll for 25 January higher than official Ministry of Health count of 49

The coffin of one of the victims of clashes between supporters and opponents of Egypt's military is carried outside the Zinhom Morgue on January 26, 2014, outside Cairo, Egypt. Nearly 50 people died in weekend clashes between supporters and opponents of Egypt's military, as media outlets on January 25, 2014 hailed rallies urging the army chief to run for the presidency.     (AFP PHOTO MOHAMED EL-SHAHED)

The coffin of one of the victims of clashes between supporters and opponents of Egypt’s military is carried outside the Zeinhom Morgue on January 26, 2014.

An independent group has said that 89 people died nationwide during the violent clashes that occurred on the third anniversary of the 25 January Revolution.

The group WikiThawra released the figure on Sunday, which is higher than the official count of 49 released by the Ministry of Health.

The self proclaimed “statistical database of the Egyptian revolution”, said 89 people died across six governorates. The highest death toll in a governorate, 72, occurred in Cairo followed by 12 in Giza and two in Minya and Beni Suef; Alexandria and Daqahleya each had one death on Saturday.

WikiThawra said it had located the residences of 44 out of the 89 people who died, representing nine different cities. The group also recorded the deaths of 22 students from 13 different universities, including four from Cairo University and four from Ain Shams University.

The group stressed that it only included the deaths that it was able to confirm, adding that it relied on “medical sources… human rights organisations… and personal information through the press and electronic media”. The group also stressed that it did not include deaths that it was unable to verify, listing seven such instances, saying in some cases that there have been official denials or a lack of “precise data”.

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