Mystery Group Claims Murder of Businessman With Alleged Israeli Ties

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A previously unknown militant group has claimed responsibility for the killing of a businessman in Alexandria, raising concerns about escalating violence linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The victim, who held citizenship in Israel, Ukraine, and Canada, was shot dead in Alexandria. In a statement on a newly established Telegram channel, a group calling itself the Vanguard of Liberation Group for Martyr Mohamed Salah said it carried out the killing in retaliation for Israeli military operations in Gaza. The group further alleged that the victim was an Israeli intelligence agent.

The group’s statement was accompanied by a graphic image showing a red triangle, a symbol often used in Hamas propaganda, placed above what appears to be the victim’s body. The message ended with the chilling words “Wait for the next” and the sign-off “Shalom from the children of Gaza.”

Citing Israeli military operations in Rafah, a Palestinian-Egyptian border town and stronghold of Hamas, as justification for their actions, the alleged organization has accused the victim, a CEO of an Egyptian frozen fruits and vegetables export business, of utilizing his commercial endeavors as a front for Israeli intelligence activities. Furthermore, they have framed the assault as a continuation of Egypt’s enduring conflict with Israel, condemning the current Egyptian leadership as mere puppets in the broader geopolitical landscape.

Israeli authorities have acknowledged the reports. Global Affairs Canada has also indicated awareness of the situation. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has not yet released a statement.

Conflicting reports have emerged about the victim’s primary nationality. Some sources identify him as Ukrainian, while others suggest ties to Israel. The Canadian embassy in Cairo has offered no comment.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry initially attributed the death to criminal motives. However, the militant group’s claim of responsibility suggests a political dimension. The group cites Israeli operations in Rafah, a Palestinian-Egyptian border town that is a Hamas stronghold, to justify its actions.

This incident follows the deaths of two Israeli tourists and their Egyptian guide in Alexandria on October 7. The assailant, reportedly a policeman, cited provocation as his motive. These events underscore heightened tensions in the region and the need for diplomatic solutions.

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