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Fahmy defends roadmap progress to Kerry

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabil Fahmy speaks with his US counterpart concerning developments on Egypt’s roadmap

Minister of Foreign Affairs Nabil Fahmy defended Egypt’s progress in its political roadmap to US Secretary of State John Kerry, and discussed a number of topics of interest between the two countries in a Friday phone call.

Fahmy detailed internal developments in Egypt, with a focus on the implementation of the roadmap that was created after former president Mohamed Morsi was removed from power, according to a press release from the foreign ministry.

Fahmy also told Kerry that the Committee of Experts had drafted an amended constitution that would be given to a committee of 50 to approve, and would be followed by a constitutional referendum and elections.

The discussion comes at a time in which the status of US aid to Egypt remains vague.

On Thursday, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed that Egypt had received military aid from the US since Morsi‘s ouster on 3 July; a governmental review of the $1.23bn aid package is ongoing.

Psaki added that violence on the ground in Egypt must end in order to “further democracy”.

The US has called on Egypt to release Morsi, who has been detained since he was removed, and criticised the arrest of the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Badie;  White House spokesman Josh Earnest called it “an act that is contrary to a legal system that is insulated from politics.”


  • Jeffrey C. Marck

    The chances of Kerry doing anything useful in the Middle East are somewhere between “slim” and “none”. He’s like most other American national politicians: literally owned by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Aside from never ever doing anything disagreeable from AIPAC’s point of view, he just doesn’t know the region in a meaningful way. Not for a man in his high office, anyway. The Israeli government’s rape of Palestinian land, life and liberty goes on unabated by Kerry or anyone close to him or his office.

    • Sammyb

      Jeffrey Marck has finally surfaced again with his doom and gloom point of view. Of course when your viewpoint is that Israel has no right to exist and therefore you support its annihilation, no American diplomat will ever agree with your objective. Hating America is your right, guaranteed under the Constitution, and clearly nothing will change your mind. Your point of view is shared by the Salafis and the Brother Hoodlums. Democracy gives everyone a voice but an Islamist state would provide only one voice. Perhaps that would suit you just fine but this very discussion would not be allowed. Hard to understand how you can support that!

  • abdul .a. shaiky

    American aid will not let your army to shoot down israeali or American drones.Same as Pak army.!!!

  • Mahmud Abdullah

    Progress is quite satisfactory, so far thousands of pro-democracy activists have been massacred en masse, hundreds of anti-coup leaders including top brasses have been detained. Congratulations to members of interim government on great success.

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