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Egyptian passport found in Paris belongs to victim

Waleed Abdel Razik travelled to Paris with his brother, a cancer patient,…

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Verdict in policemen’s trial in torture killing case set for 10 December

Case marked by police bullying of eyewitnesses, says human rights lawyer

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

9 police officers on trial for Gharbeya murder

Event dates back to 2013, when police shot a family while chasing…

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Sexual harassment concerns emerge ahead of Eid, police claims ready to face it

 Accurate arrests, based on information, will achieve positive results in preventing…

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Policemen detained pending investigations on torture accusations

Police claim suspect was armed and dangerous, while human rights group says…

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First trial session for 17 defendants in Al-Sabbagh case

Security forces harassed SPAP members and journalists in court

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Al-Arish mortar strikes condemned

Prosecution begins investigation into the attacks

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Another year of documented cases of torture and human rights violations

Torture victim survivor calls on activists to “Salvage the [remaining] humanity of…

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Sudan mother facing apostasy death sentence to be freed soon: Official

AFP - A Christian Sudanese woman sentenced to hang for apostasy will…

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19-year-old jumps three stories to escape rape

Woman escaped, but has been hospitalised for injuries

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