Egyptian passport found in Paris belongs to victim

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By Ahmed Abbas

The Egyptian passport that was found in Stade de France belongs to the only Egyptian victim in Paris Attacks, Waleed Abdel Razik.

He is now at a hospital in Paris in critical condition, according to the victim’s friend.

Abdel Razik travelled to Paris with his brother Wael, who has cancer, so that Wael can undergo surgery.

His friend Mohamed Gaber told Daily news Egypt that they had just rented a flat in Bois de Boulogne in Paris. “His brother Wael travelled to Paris because he has cancer and he wanted to undergo a surgery in France. He took his mother and his younger brother Waleed,” said Gaber. “Waleed adores football, so he went to watch the game between France and Germany.”

The passport found at the stadium was his passport. He lost his passport and mobile phone due to the explosion and was taken to hospital. “His name was listed in the police report as a victim,” Gaber added.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also told local media that officials from Egypt’s embassy in Paris visited Abdel Razik in hospital, stressing that it is normal to find his passport at the stadium after he lost it due to the explosion, and denying rumours that he was linked to the attacks. The ministry added that no other Egyptian was injured.

“When his mother told me that he cannot be found, I called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Officials from the Egyptian Embassy in Paris searched for him in hospitals until they found him in Beaujon Hospital,” Gaber said.

The embassy then informed Abdel Razik’s mother and brother of his whereabouts and they rushed to hospital to see him. The doctors performed three surgeries on Abdel Raxik and he is still in critical condition.

He suffers from wounds in the leg tendons, several internal injuries to the kidney, intestine, and colon caused by shrapnel, and a fracture in one arm.

“Doctors said that they have to wait for 48 hours before saying anything about his final condition,” Gaber said.

Abdel Razik’s brother Wael will undergo his surgery on Monday. Mohammed Gaber, their friend cannot travel to assist their mother because of the French Schengen suspension.

“I want to travel to be beside them, I have a valid Schengen visa, but I can’t. France suspended the Schengen agreement and non-EU nationals cannot enter France for a month,” added Gaber.

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