Policemen detained pending investigations on torture accusations

Amira El-Fekki
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A police officer and two of his aides will remain in detention for four days in the Beheira governorate upon orders from the Prosecutor-General’s office, pending investigations into torture allegations that led to the death of a suspect in their custody.

The victim’s relatives have filed a complaint against the police officer and two undercover agents, accusing them of assaulting the victim and causing his death, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported Friday.

Local media reported the victim was arrested last week before attempting to resist and escape security, and was found in possession of weapons. However, this seems to reflect only the police’s side of the story.

According to Nady Atef, director of the Justice and Human Rights Development Centre, a Minya-based NGO, the victim was taken from his workplace, a car agency, which security forces raided on 1 May.

When the victim demanded to see a search warrant, police forces beat him and he sustained head injuries as a result. The police also assaulted his mother and sisters who came to his rescue. Atef’s story does not explain how the victim died after being taken to the police station.

“But even if he was a criminal, there should have been legal measures against him, not torture,” Atef said.

Atef told Daily News Egypt by telephone that his sources include several people on the ground, in addition to the victim’s relatives, but did not have further updates on the case. He said he heard the news about the detention of the policemen.

The victim allegedly later died inside the police station. The police’s claims published in newspapers suggested he was suffering from low blood pressure, and that they tried to get him medical assistance.

Last Tuesday, a dozen local residents gathered in front of the police building, accusing the police of torturing him to death. They were dispersed by force, and there were at least eight injuries reported.

In recent months, torture claims allegedly performed by Egypt’s security bodies. have increased. Police brutality against citizens, deaths inside police stations and prison torture practices have been making news headlines.

There are several ongoing investigations against police and National Security officers, including the case of activist Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh’s death.

On the other hand, attacks on security forces continue across Egypt, as at least 10 policemen were killed in clashes and attacks targeting security officers, including in North Sinai.


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