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There is no law obliging students to be veiled: Education Ministry

This comes following a complaint from families at Al-Naseriya school in Zagazig,

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Teacher investigated for preventing girl from taking exam

Teacher in Alexandria investigated for preventing girl from sitting exam because her

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

Frenchman convicted of veil assault

The man was also convicted of presenting a false identity to police.

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

ANHRI condemns discrimination against unveiled student

Twelve year-old Heba Mohamed was forbidden from having her picture taken with

Luiz Sanchez Luiz Sanchez

Judging a woman by her cover

Adel Heine's weekly column

Adel Heine Adel Heine

Teacher who cut girls’ hair gets support

Father of one of the girls withdraws complaint

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

Veiled newscasters on state TV

is the appearance of a veiled newscaster a step towards deepening democracy

Farid Zahran Farid Zahran

Clinical death

As the world's media have rushed to compete on the wave of

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A pointless piece of cloth debate

Few hours after Fatma Nabil has read the 12 o’clock news bulletin

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As thin as a veil

The difference between a good night and a bad one for a

Maryam Ishani Maryam Ishani