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Restaurant market in Egypt estimated at $17bn annually: Foodics

Company aims to provide its restaurant management solutions to 2,000 clients in

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Abla: Where parts are greater than the sum 

Abla adventure is worth the effort and if you are looking for

Mohamed Samir Mohamed Samir

Cheese and Bread: Cairo’s latest eastern and western cheese skillets

For cheese addicts, the restaurant’ over-dosed mixed melting cheese would be heaven

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Price hikes overshadow restaurant offers in Ramadan

Programme for meals and shows during the month of Ramadan see prices

Aisha Zidane Aisha Zidane

Two suspects arrested over death of assaulted client inside restaurant

”Staff and manager were rude to me too because I refused to

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Ramadan in El-Hussein: a long-standing tradition

Though El-Hussein is a popular spot, boasting many restaurants and eateries, the

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Integrated services to ensure high-quality: Kaza Order to streamline restaurant delivery

We plan to expand Kaza Order’s services to the Gulf market by

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Municipal councils’ licences behind widespread use of donkey meat in restaurants: Al-Kerdany

Unreasonable that global restaurant chains in Egypt are under the supervision of

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Review: ‘El-Maiz’ a must try for pasta lovers

In Arabic, “El-Maiz” means the place where prisoners or military personal have

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Upper Deck Lounge creates food heaven

The Four Season’s Upper Deck Lounge is the hotel’s newest restaurant, and

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