Review: ‘El-Maiz’ a must try for pasta lovers

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review 1For those who are in love with pasta, nothing would beat a hot plate of the Italian delicacy, with melted parmesan cheese on top, the moderate thickness of the sauce, with the light, sweet flavour of basil. The pasta plate would be considered a message from Heaven.  For those who have the passion of pasta running in their blood, “El-Maiz” is a must try experience.

“El-Maiz” is a small Italian food place that deeply applies the quote of not to judge a book by its cover. A cosy place with only two tables indoors and the same outdoors, causes lots of people to wait until a vacant table is available to sit and enjoy their meal.

In Arabic, “El-Maiz” means the place where prisoners or military personal have their meals at. That is totally reflected at the decoration of the place and the trays the food is served on. The metal trays with the pots the pasta is filled in, resembles the same atmosphere of prison.

But staying inside the restaurant for more than five minutes would make it hard for you to control your appetite with the mouth-watering smell of the pasta surrounding you.

For the food, we ordered Alfredo pasta. The thickness of the white sauce with the mixture of mushroom and chicken was just perfect. The taste of the homemade pasta itself is very unique, and the garlic bread is amazingly well done. The quantity is considered quite big for one person, but it would be fine for two people to share a plate or a quite hungry person to go with it all alone.

review 3The Mac n’ Cheese was also satisfying, but you have to be prepared to eat one of the heaviest pasta meals ever, with several different types of cheeses added.

We also ordered pizza burger, which is a medium piece of burger stuffed inside a pizza covering it from all sides with the red sauce and flavouring spices. The burger was not big enough for someone to eat, yet it is still satisfying.

For the side dishes, came the garlic fries and cheese fries, which were both perfect. The fries were crunchy from outside, yet soft from inside, with the mixture of several cheeses on top to add a unique hard to find taste.

The prices ranged from EGP 45-65 for the pasta, EGP 15-25 for fries and EGP 30 for the burger pizza. The place also delivers to nearby areas.

The total experience was beyond good, we highly recommend you to go and pay it a visit but make sure the number of your group not to exceed 10 people for the space.


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