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Like humans, apes also have a sense of humour

Even as early as eight months old, babies willfully torment other people.…

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Investing in humans and technology basis of shift towards smart green cities: Mahmoud Mohieldin

This came during his participation in the International Conference for Smart Cities…

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Humans and dolphins can go fishing together

Over the course of more than a century, this fishing relationship has…

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Study suggests environment had role in evolution of human tolerance

Research focuses on period between 30,000 and 300,000 years ago, as archaeological…

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Nuclear energy enables doctors to detect coronavirus in humans

A diagnostic technique, with the help of nuclear technology, is called Real-Time…

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Scientists reveal new secrets about one of humans’ closest living relatives

How 70,000 years of human interaction shaped icon of wild nature

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Denisovan humans contributed to East Asian ancestry, interbred with modern humans

A new paper reveals that modern humans co-existed and interbred with archaic…

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Between choice and inevitability

The law of nature is inevitability, and the law of life is…

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A horror play incarnates the fight between humans and demons

The troupe adds philosophical perspective to novels, coming out with a play…

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‘Hello human, how are you?’ When robots observe their operators

It's usually humans who close monitor the work of machines and robots.…

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