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Egyptian Exchange completes semi-annual review of indices

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) has completed its semi-annual periodic review of the

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Meet Rami El-Dokany, the new chairperson of Egyptian Exchange

El-Dokany graduated in economics from Cairo University in 2003. He received a

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Lacklustre performance dominates Egyptian Exchange

EGX30 expected to move between 9,800-10,300 points: Hassan

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Expected profits in Egyptian Exchange this week after strong rise of some leading stocks

Market going through temporary state for 2 months, we approach its upper

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Egyptian Exchange likely to reach 11,450 points in case of breaking 11,145 resistance mark

EGX30 closes at 11,125.55 points, recording increase of 2.93% last week

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Egyptian Exchange launches new index for government bonds

The new index includes the most liquid bonds on the stock market,

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Newly elected board of Egyptian Exchange announced

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) announced, on Thursday, its new board of directors,

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Egyptian Exchange targets 10,450 point level amid optimism for continued surge

EGX30 closed at 10,278.86 points last week, recording increase of 4.19%

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Recent market rebound leads EGX towards 10,700 points resistance level

Since beginning of year, Egyptians have represented 83.0% of value traded in

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