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Al-Sisi’s risky economic gamble: Egypt’s challenge lies in its present reality, not its potentiality

By Mohammed Nosseir The Egyptian government recently held a very successful Economic Summit. Although the conference was mentored by an Arab country and managed by an international agency, the credit for its success still goes to the Egyptian government for its open-mindedness in this respect. Nevertheless, in my opinion, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) has …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt, EIB sign declaration of intent to finance developmental projects: International Cooperation Minister

By Mohamed Ayyad During the Economic Summit in mid-March, Egypt signed a declaration of intent with the European Investment Bank (EIB),  to finance developmentprojects, said Minister of International Cooperation Nagla Al-Ahwani in a statement Sunday. The declaration with EIB included many sectors in which the bank is willing to fund in the period between 2015-2017. …

Mohamed Ayyad

Ministry of Communications to launch 2 new IT projects

By Mohamed Alaa El-Din The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology offered a tender to supply devices for the electronic document-archiving system for the Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC). According to the ministry, the financial and technical bids will be viewed on 22 March. The ministry also offered a tender to supply the devices …

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