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Egypt’s PM reveals state’s plan to deal with the economic crisis

The plan includes offering governmental facilities to the stock exchange, and supporting

Mohammed El-Said Mohammed El-Said

Journalists raise concerns on already precarious rights amid ongoing economic crisis

Economic impact not yet felt; real problems to begin with next paycheque,

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Egypt bears ingredients to successfully overcome economic crisis and compete with other countries: Abdul Aal

Egypt’s greatest challenge is that it imports 70% of its needs, and

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Egypt’s economic crisis and the need for a change in policies

“It’s the economy, stupid” was the original phrase which James Carville coined

Hussein Keshk Hussein Keshk

Divisive proposal in parliament suggests granting Egyptian nationality to investors

Suggestion being reviewed by parliamentary Suggestions and Complaints Committee

Toqa Ezzidin Toqa Ezzidin

Effect of Greece’s economic crisis on people’s health

For the last several years, Greece has been going through a protracted

Cesar Chelala Cesar Chelala

Dominican chef’s rags-to-riches tale wows Spain

Maria Marte migrated to Spain in 2003 and started washing dishes in

Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle

Europeans move south to escape economic crisis

As many young, well-educated people can't find jobs in crisis-stricken Europe, they

Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle

Tax Authority: Tax revenues jumped 8% in 9M 2012-2013

Former Chairman of Tax Authority calls increases ‘an outcome of economic crisis

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