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Daily cash withdrawal, deposit limits for individuals amended during Ramadan

Individuals can withdraw up to EGP 20,000 daily from ATMs, EGP 50,000…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Household sector accounts for 80.4% of total bank deposits

It accounts for 83.6% of total deposits in local currency, 68.7% in…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

CBE pays EGP 114.4bn of interest on Deposit Operation in FY 2017/18

Bank turns from profits of EGP 12.66bn in FY 2016/17 to losses…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

CBE keeps overnight deposit, overnight lending rates unchanged

The monetary policy committee (MPC) decided to keep the Central Bank of…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

EGP 3.027tn total deposit balances in 2016/2017 

Total deposit balances increased in 2016/2017 to reach EGP 3.027tn, an increase…

Shaimaa Raafat Shaimaa Raafat

Egypt did not request extending maturity of CBE $2bn Kuwaiti deposit: senior government official

UAE agreed to extend the maturity of its $2bn deposit with CBE…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Robust economic policies needed to maximise private savings and finance growth in Egypt: World Bank

The research by the World Bank said that trust and internet access…

Reem Hosam El-din Reem Hosam El-din

Banks offer investments worth EGP 91bn in CBE’s deposit operation on Tuesday 

Banks operating in the domestic market offered investments worth EGP 91bn of…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

33 banks offer investments worth EGP 278.85bn in CBE’s deposit operation

Thirty-three banks operating in the domestic market offered investments worth EGP 278.85bn…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Social housing unit owners protest against interest rate on maintenance deposit

Maintenance deposit is EGP 6,750, reaching EGP 12,000 after interest

Shaimaa Al-Aees Shaimaa Al-Aees