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Egypt celebrates late folkloric dance icon Mahmoud Reda

Honouring outstanding creators is sign of faith in their role developing nation,

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Calls for legally punishing artists for performing Kiki challenge

While the Kiki challenge is taking over social media worldwide, with artists

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‘Tahtib’: The once martial art that turned into a dance

  Egypt is known for having a unique heritage of martial arts

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On their toes again: Sasha Waltz and Pina Bausch dance companies get a new start

New beginnings at two of Germany's best-known dance companies as Sasha Waltz

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CCDC celebrates the end of 5 Ra2s

The festival was held as part of CCDC’s five-year anniversary

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Cairo Contemporary Dance Center celebrates its first generation with five-day dance festival 

CCDC is very first full-time contemporary dancing school not only in Egypt

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Dance, a good move for people with Parkinson’s disease

Marc Vlemmix was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2010, at the age

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Ballet: The story of joy, sweat, and tears

Ballet dancers spend long hours in rehearsals since their childhood until they

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Contemporary Dance Night hypnotises Egypt

Egyptian Streets met up with Ezzat Ismail Ezzat and Barbora ‘Bashka’ Jombikova,

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Dancers in Film: Changing depictions

Dancers were portrayed as artists, men-stealers, victims and outgoing characters in Egyptian

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