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Egypt to launch world’s largest sugar, strategic crops production project

Canal Sugar launches Phase I of 181,000 feddan reclamation scheme west Minya…

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Researchers investigate role of crops in sustaining ancient empires

The millet has an important role in sustaining Mongolia's empire: study

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New study warns of hegemony of four main crops

We hope to inform specific policy counsel that support crop diversity on…

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Revolution in cereal crops’ breeding: planting rice clones from its seeds

Oraby rice increases Egypt’s production of crop, resists drought, saves water

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Modifying crop genetics to resist drought, conserve water

Agriculture monopolises 90% of global freshwater, availability of clean water resources shrinking

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New study aims to tripleing number of grains in sorghum, other crops

Previous attempts were made for to increaseing production of several crops, such…

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Researchers identify new crops more tolerant to water shortage

The identified genes could enable different drought-resistant plants to survive in semi-arid…

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Elsaad injects EGP 50m to develop production lines over 3 years

The company allocated EGP 25m to establish a packaging line in 2017

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Sugar Crops Research Institute expects exports of beet wastes, molasses, and fodder to reach 1.4m tonnes

The Sugar Crops Research Institute expected exports of beet wastes, molasses, and…

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