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Boeing 737 MAX will be one of safest airplanes ever to fly: MENAT President

Company likely to establish office in Egypt by 2020, says Dunn

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EgyptAir receives 3 jets of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in July

Jets part of $6bn deal signed in 2018 for modernising fleet, says…

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Boeing to release new software update, training to face concerns found in 737 MAX accident

Company is supporting Ethiopian plane crash investigations, providing technical expertise, says Boeing’s…

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Boeing crash: Do machines make better decisions than people?

One theory suggests automatic processes in the cockpit of the Boeing 737…

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Egypt joins wave of countries banning Boeing 737 MAX jet from airspace

Ethiopian jet went down earlier this week, killing all people onboard

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Boeing seeks new deals with EgyptAir for more Dreamliner jet airliners

Company in talks with Egyptian armed forces to boost cooperation, says Dunn

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Boeing to launch its first Stem education centre in Egypt in 2019

Hub will serve approximately 12,000 community members in 3 years

Hagar Omran Hagar Omran

Boeing aims to expand services in Middle East through EDEX 2018

Company’s defence cooperation with Egypt spanned around four decades, says president

Hagar Omran Hagar Omran

Boeing, Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University initiate dialogs for potential future collaboration

A high-level delegation from Boeing International and the leaders of the Faculty…

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Global market is forecast at almost 43,000 new airplanes through 2038: Boeing

Company announces about $100bn in orders and commitments

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