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Amr Saad salutes the gentlemen with his first jewellery collection

A quick flip through the month's regional fashion magazines would most likely…

Nayera Yasser Nayera Yasser

Mawlana: our fragmented piety

Mawlana is directed by Magdy Ahmed Ali

Mina Ibrahim Mina Ibrahim

Amr Saad: Seeing the world through shades of art

"Designing eyewear came out of my own curiosity for customising some pieces,"…

Nayera Yasser Nayera Yasser

Opposition marches scheduled for Thursday and Friday

Participants to voice opposition to Morsi’s economic policies and commemorate dead activists

Fady Salah Fady Salah

In Pictures: Double funeral in Tahrir

Funeral of the two martyrs Mohamed El-Gendy and Amr Abdel Reheem Sa’ad…

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