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Hesham Sallam tells Egypt’s tale through fossil remains

The most important discovery of all is a new Egyptian dinosaur that…

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Proposed patch reduces bulging tummy fat, turns into energy-burning fat

Patch contains hundreds of micro-needles, each thinner than a human hair

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How infants learn to walk

Action perception begets action production, study suggests

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Diabetes drug significantly reverses memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients

Link found between impaired insulin, cerebral degeneration in type 2 diabetes

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Oldest known cases of breast cancer found in Egyptian mummies 

Discoveries were made by conducting CT scans on 2 mummies found in…

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Eating apples, tomatoes repairs lungs of ex-smokers: study 

Regular intake of tomatoes may help slow natural decline in lung function…

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Polluted skies are Cairo’s black lungs: UN Environment

Black cloud resulting from annual burning of rice straw in Delta less…

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New study proposes redesigned dam water flow to benefit native fish

Researchers integrate data to identify water-release schedules for benefit of domestic and,…

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E-cigarettes serve as gateway to traditional smoking: study

Young adults who use electronic cigarettes more than four times as likely…

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