Niger restricts Benin’s cargo transport through togo amidst tensions

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Niger has banned Benin from transporting its cargo through Togo, escalating trade tensions between the two West African nations. 

The Nigerien Ministry of Transport announced that the collection of Nigerien goods in Togo, including at the port of Lomé, will now be exclusively reserved for vehicles registered in Niger and Togo.

This decision comes after Benin blocked the export of Nigerien oil through its territory, citing Niger’s continued closure of their shared border for “security reasons.” Niger’s Prime Minister has alleged that French bases in Benin are “training terrorists” who aim to “destabilize” Niger.

The transport ministry stated that this measure aligns with the bilateral road transport agreement between Niger and Togo. In the event of increased demand, Niger may call upon Burkina Faso, Mali, and Ghana for cargo transport assistance.

This latest development further strains the relationship between Porto-Novo and Niamey, highlighting a growing rift within the region.

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