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Limestone featuring Hatshepsut found in London 

An ancient Egyptian depiction with carvings featuring female Pharaoh Hatshepsut was discovered by Kenneth Griffin, an Egyptology lecturer at Swansea University in the United Kingdom, the university said in a statement. The discovery came as the limestone was selected from the university’s Egypt Centre stored collection to be used in an object handling session. The …

Daily News Egypt

2018 Art Dubai: Egypt shines among world’s finest arts 

From the calligraphy-rich Sufi-inspired works of Algerian Rachid Koraïchi to the sombre work of Palestinian Samah Shihadi, the 2018 edition of Art Dubai offered art buyers and aficionados a wide range of artistic expression from the Middle East and around the globe. The 2018 edition ran from 21-24 March. The work of Doaa’ Aly, one …

Joseph Hammond


Palm leaf boxes: A handicraft fighting extinction

While the world may be familiar with Egypt’s handmade products as some of the finest home decorations, pottery artwork, embroidered cloths, and handmade bags, an almost forgotten handiwork fights for survival in Upper Egypt. Making boxes out of palm leaves—where boxes are made of palm leaves after being reshaped—is an endangered craft. Despite their creators …

Daily News Egypt

Comares: A historical investigation into the Fall of Andalusia

After the notable success his first two books, A Jar of Nutella and Europe in Embaba Local Time, achieved over the last years, writer Mahmoud Zaki has recently released his third book, Comares, which attracted attention during the Cairo International Book Fair that was held between 27 January and 10 February this year. Coincidence played …

Rana Khaled

Cairo International Book Fair to be held Twice a year 

Sami Younes, head of Cairo International Convention Centre, announced on Monday that the Cairo International Book Fair will be held twice a year starting in 2018, adding that the second edition will be held in autumn of each year, according to state-run media outlet Egy News. Younes added that this year’s second edition is expected …

Daily News Egypt

Reviving nations’ demolishing heritage: A campaign seeking to save fading architecture identity 

On the roof of Zamalek’s Greater Cairo Public Library, local media platform Welad El-Balad celebrated on Sunday the closing of its first regional campaign, The Country’s Architecture: Identity Not Worth Demolishing, opposing the demolition of architectural heritage which takes away the Egyptian integrity that was built over the centuries. Many abandoned, time-worn authentic buildings that …

Nada Deyaa’

Up-scale Indian cuisine overlooking the Nile

It was once said that food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture, a saying that could not be more truthful when it comes to Indian cuisine. One of the most unique elements of the Indian table is that it successfully reflects the Indian nation’s …

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