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Despite security threats, Egyptians celebrate Christmas 

The streets of Cairo warmly celebrated Christmas spirit with Christmas trees, ornaments, decorations, lights, and definitely Santa Claus. With Christmas’s most famous songs in the background, the dazzling spirit of Christmas fills people’s heart with joy and warmth. The streets of Egypt’s posh neighbourhoods started preparing for the celebratory season staring in early December. New …

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Made In Egypt

During the 1950s, Egyptian products were dominant here in Egypt, until the 1973 war when president Anwar Sadat opened the door to private investments, a decision known as “Infitah” (opening). That decision backfired on Egyptian-made products, making them weak and unwanted.  However, recently, after several youth empowerment initiatives, in addition to the youth’s will to …

Reem Moussa

Egypt reopens one of its oldest libraries in Saint Catherine

After three years of restoration work, Egypt reopened one of its most ancient libraries, in Saint Catherine, which contains more than 12,000 books and early Christian manuscripts, according to the Associated Press. The restoration work was taking place in the eastern section of the library, which contains some of the world’s rarest scientific, religious, and …

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