Young Uzbeks embrace Russian language in “Ambassadors” project

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A series of Russian training sessions for Uzbek students were organised by volunteers at Denau University of Entrepreneurship and Pedagogy and at Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages

Over 400 Uzbek students and schoolchildren recently embarked on a week-long journey into the world of Russian language and culture through the “Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World” project. This educational and awareness-raising expedition, held in Ferghana and Denau, saw volunteers from the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute sharing their passion with young minds. TV BRICS and the “Eurasia Today” publication were the media partners of the programme.

Spreading the Love of the Russian Tongue:

The Denau University of Entrepreneurship and Pedagogy and the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages played host to a series of engaging classes delivered by the Russian language ambassadors. Accompanied by a staff member from the Pushkin Institute, they brought the richness of the Russian language and the vibrancy of Russian culture to life.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to see students’ eyes light up at the end of a lesson,” shared volunteer Olga Solovey. “Knowing that we’ve sparked an interest in the Russian language, from the harsh winters of Syktyvkar to the unique Komi language, is truly what makes this project worthwhile.”

Games, Masterclasses, and a Warm Welcome:

Meanwhile, another group of ambassadors spread their enthusiasm in Ferghana schools and Ferghana State University. Their approach? Interactive games and engaging masterclasses that made learning Russian both fun and effective.

“The warmth and hospitality we received in Uzbekistan were truly humbling,” remarked Elizaveta Golovakha, a teacher at the Pushkin Institute. “Teachers expressed their eagerness to host the ambassadors for even longer periods in the future – a testament to the project’s impact.”

Cultural Immersion and Lasting Memories:

No educational exchange is complete without experiencing the local culture firsthand. The volunteers delved into the heart of Uzbekistan, visiting the historic Said Atalyk madrasah and the awe-inspiring Zul-Kifl mausoleum in Surkhandarya province. The breathtaking Sangardak mountain waterfall served as a picturesque reminder of the country’s natural beauty.

A Legacy of Language and Understanding:

The Uzbekistan expedition marked the culmination of a series of events organized with the support of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Since its inception in 2015, the “Ambassadors of the Russian Language in the World” project has reached over 48,000 individuals across 19 countries, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Russian language and culture on a global scale.

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