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Al-Sisi attends Arab-African Summit in Guinea amid Moroccan withdrawal

Morocco and several Gulf countries withdrew from the summit due to the

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Egypt unlikely to send military forces to Syria: Al-Sisi

Trump's strategies will completely unfold when he takes office in January, says

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Al-Sisi addresses terrorism, security in Portuguese Military Academy lecture

The president disclosed during the lecture Egypt’s vision on combating terrorism and

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Al-Sisi praises Portugal’s balanced stance towards democratic transition in Egypt

Al-Sisi congratulated the new Portuguese secretary general of the UN, saying that

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Egyptian parliament refutes UK parliament report on Brotherhood

Egypt criticised the UK’s tolerant attitude towards the Muslim Brotherhood, citing the

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I’m a photojournalist with no affiliations whatsoever: Shawkan to judge

The trial of Shawkan and 738 defendants was adjourned to 10 December

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Egypt supports political dialogue in Yemen, warns of infiltration by militants

Egypt supports the new Saudi secretary general of the OIC, saying he

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Egypt, Turkey accuse each other of crackdown on dissent, both deemed predators of freedom

Erdogan has explicitly disclosed his opposing stance towards the current Egyptian regime,

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Why should a Middle Easterner care about Trump winning the US elections? 

US foreign policy is expected to undergo major changes under a Trump

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Clinton campaign announces that the candidate will have nothing to say about the race tonight

Republican Donald Trump defeats his Democrat rival, wins US presidency

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