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Please stay calm, right-wing politicians are happy now, and thank you, Merkel

On Monday in the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market in Berlin, while families enjoyed…

Hala Kindelberger Hala Kindelberger

Refugees in Germany: tales of Diaspora and dreams

Caught between the burdens of alienation and homesickness and the growing pains…

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed

Refugees are the migrant advisory committee’s main concern

We solve problems gradually, says vice president for Potsdam committee Anna Nicolsova

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed

European cooperation integral to solving the refugee crisis

It is possible to find better solutions if all European countries dealt…

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed

Bureaucracy biggest obstacle to refugees: AWO chairperson

There is a shortage of qualified volunteers, money, and translators to help…

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed

The right exploits the fear of refugees for their own gains: MP in Germany’s Greens party

Integrating refugees will benefit Germany, especially in the case that they return…

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed

Closing borders is inhumane and contradicts German values: SPD member

The head of Germany’s social democratic party (SPD) headquarters in Berlin, Dennis…

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed

Ideal integration not fully possible, problems bound to exist: manager of AWO Refugee House in Berlin

Learning the language is key, because most of the problems refugees face…

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed

I work to return the favour granted to me by Germany: Iranian refugee and translator

Refugees have high expectations of their new country, we let them do…

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed

Learning from the past: Germany’s refugee policy is dignifying, positive

Fadia Fouda, a former Palestinian refugee, says Germany has vastly improved the…

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed