City Farm Group launches artistic, cinematic investment arm

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City Farm Group has established a subsidiary called “Out of the Box Media Hub” in Los Angeles. The subsidiary aims to participate in the production of a feature film, set to be released on a specialized media platform before the end of the current year.

Mahmoud Kamal, Chairperson of City Farm, expressed that this move is part of their strategy to diversify investment resources and revenues. Additionally, City Farm is keen on contributing to artistic and cultural development in Egypt, with an eye on international markets.

Artistic production has seen recent growth, exemplified by Apple’s commitment to invest $1bn annually in the film industry, particularly focusing on platform-based content. City Farm’s initial investments in this field amount to approximately $5m.

While City Farm primarily operates in the food products, import, and export sectors, it continues to expand its presence in the food industry and explore promising markets. The company has also joined an alliance of experienced production companies, with plans to launch its first artistic projects by year-end.

City Farm’s approach to this investment emphasizes more than just financial gain. They intend to transform real-life stories with social and historical dimensions into cinematic works, fostering cultural awareness and inspiring the younger generation. Rather than seeking quick profits, City Farm aims to create meaningful content that reflects values, customs, and thought leadership.

Overall, City Farm’s total investments amount to $250m, including annual sales and related assets in the transportation sector.

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