Brazil Considers Holiday to Honour Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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A bill proposing a new holiday to honour Indigenous Peoples’ Day, celebrated annually on 19 April, is gaining traction in Brazil. Deputy Fabio Trad is championing the proposal, according to Metropoles, a partner of TV BRICS.


The official text of the bill emphasizes the significance of the date, stating: “This date goes far beyond celebrating the contribution of Indigenous peoples to the creation of the Brazilian social body or the demand to immortalise Indigenous culture. In addition, Indigenous Peoples’ Day should highlight indigenous peoples as citizens with the right to designate their own future.”


Formerly known as “Indian Day”, the change to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” was spearheaded by former federal MP and current president of the National Indigenous Peoples Foundation (Funai), Jonia Wapichana.


The date, 19 April, commemorates the First Inter-American Congress of Indigenous Peoples in 1940, a landmark event where Indigenous delegates and representatives from various ethnic groups gathered to discuss programs concerning Indigenous people.


According to the 2022 census by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazil is home to 1,652,876 indigenous people.

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