Shell Egypt Announces Winners of NXplorers Programme Competition at EGYPES 2024

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Shell Egypt is delighted to unveil the winners of its NXplorers Programme Competition, held in conjunction with the Egypt Energy Show (EGYPES) 2024 as part of the young professional feature of EGYPES.

The competition, which attracted 65 undergraduates from all across Egypt, showcased the innovative solutions and creative problem-solving skills of aspiring young professionals in the energy sector.
Emerging as the champions of the competition were the NXG team, whose project focused on devising strategies to reduce carbon waste in industrial zones, paving the way for the establishment of eco-industrial parks in Egypt within the next five years.

In second place was the NSES team, whose project aimed to address Egypt’s electricity shortage sustainably by 2025, with a long-term vision of solving the country’s energy challenges by 2030.Rounding up the top three was the Titanium team, whose project aimed to harness energy from solid waste in Manshiet Nasser area in northern Cairo, while enhancing the standard of living for its residents by 2028.

The NXplorers Programme, an integral part of Shell Egypt’s social investment initiatives, aims to nurture and empower young talents to address the challenges of energy sustainability and transition. Participants were tasked with presenting sustainable solutions aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and Egypt’s Vision 2030 strategy, emphasizing the role of technology and engineering in creating a more sustainable future.

Dalia Elgabry, Vice President & Country Chair of Shell Egypt, said: “We are thrilled to see the exceptional talent and dedication demonstrated by the participants of the NXplorers Programme Competition. These young professionals have showcased their ability to think critically, innovate, and contribute to shaping the future of sustainable energy solutions in Egypt.”

Launched in Egypt in 2017, the NXplorers programme uses a unique combination of three systems thinking methodologies, scenario planning and the Theory of Change. Over the years, the programme has benefited thousands of participants, either as a standalone training or as part of other social investment programmes within Shell Egypt.

The success of NXplorers Programme underscores Shell Egypt’s commitment to fostering talent development and promoting innovation in Egypt’s energy landscape. Alongside initiatives such as Shell Intilaaqah Egypt Programme, Imagine the Future competition, and Shell Eco-Marathon, NXplorers continues to empower young minds and inspire a brighter, more sustainable future.

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