Brazil breaks records: 92% of electricity powered by renewables

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Brazil has achieved a remarkable feat in sustainable energy, with renewable sources accounting for over 92% of its electricity production in February 2024. This milestone, reported by Brasil 247, a partner of TV BRICS, comes alongside record-breaking electricity consumption, highlighting the resilience and efficiency of the country’s National Interconnected System.

“We can be proud that almost 93% of the country’s electricity was generated from renewable sources,” declared Brazilian Mines and Energy Minister Alexandre Silveira. This achievement stands as a testament to Brazil’s commitment to clean energy and underscores the role of hydroelectric, wind, solar, and distributed micro and mini generators in powering the nation.

February saw the National Interconnected System reach a peak consumption of 101,860 megawatts (MW), surpassing the previous record set in November 2023. This surge in demand was met primarily by renewable sources, demonstrating their capacity to provide reliable and sustainable energy even during periods of high usage.

Minister Silveira lauded the system’s performance, emphasizing its “reliability” in delivering clean energy to millions of Brazilians. This landmark achievement positions Brazil as a leader in renewable energy adoption and serves as an inspiration for other nations seeking to transition towards a sustainable future.

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