Agro Sun exports frozen vegetables, fruits to America

Shaimaa Raafat
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Agro Sun for Agricultural Industry Company has entered the American market for the first time by signing a contract to export its frozen vegetables and fruits to the United States. The company has been exporting fresh agricultural products to Europe for 30 years and started exporting frozen products in 2019.

Mohammed Shoaib, the CEO of Agro Sun, said that the company produces and exports about 10,000 tonnes of frozen vegetables and fruits per year from its factory, which was established three years ago.

Shoaib said that Agro Sun expanded into agricultural manufacturing to meet the growing global demand and customer preferences for frozen vegetables and fruits, especially in Europe.

He said that the company exports a variety of products, with artichokes and green beans being the most popular. The company exports about 5,000 tonnes of artichokes and 1,500 tonnes of frozen strawberries, green beans, broccoli, and cauliflower annually.

Shoaib also said that Agro Sun has an ambitious plan to increase its production and export of frozen strawberries, which have a high competitiveness in the global market, as Egypt is the top exporter of frozen strawberries in the world.

He said that the company exports all its products outside Egypt, mainly to the European Union countries, such as England, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

He added that the company also exports about 3,000 tonnes of grapes, 6,000 tonnes of fresh artichokes, 500 tonnes of fresh strawberries, and its unique crop kabocha every year. He said that the company has been exporting green beans for 30 years.

Shoaib highlighted the significant increase in export rates in recent years, especially for table grapes.

He said that Agro Sun, with its two subsidiaries for agricultural crop export and agricultural manufacturing, plans to expand into new markets shortly, such as Africa. He said that the company had already exported its products, including fresh vegetables and fruits, to some African countries last year.

He said that Agro Sun is constantly expanding its production capacity, along with its export activities for both fresh and frozen products.

The company owns several farms along the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, which supply more than 25% of its products. The rest of the products are sourced from contract farming, ensuring a high-quality product that meets global quality standards, he concluded.

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