Egypt to host GMES & Africa Phase 2 Continental Forum

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt will host the First GMES & Africa Phase 2 Continental Forum “Earth Observation for Resilience and Innovation in Africa”, on Monday. It will discuss the role of remote sensing and its multiple services in developing the African continent and enhancing the benefit of all its resources.

The forum will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, over four days from November 27 to 30, under the auspices of the African Union and the European Union.

The forum includes service providers, policymakers, academics, the private sector, communities and end users. Eight consortia leading a network of over 120 national and regional institutions will present their achievements over the last 2 years’ duration of programme implementation. 

It aims to discuss achievements and lessons learnt from the last years of phase 2 of GMES and Africa and the way forward to the end of the programme in 2025. The forum aims also to build on success stories in EO, map out potential partnerships, and engage stakeholders to ensure sustainable ownership and link with existing initiatives.  

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