TAQA Arabia pioneers Tanzania’s first integrated CNG filling station and conversion centre

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TAQA Arabia, a leading Egyptian energy and utility provider, has unveiled Tanzania’s first integrated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Filling Station and Conversion Center, branded “Master Gas”. 

In a Sunday statement, the company said that this landmark project marks a significant step forward in Tanzania’s energy transition, paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable transportation sector.

The project was spearheaded by TAQA Dalbit, a joint venture between TAQA Arabia and JCG Oil & Gas, established to invest, develop, build, and operate CNG filling stations and conversion centres across the country. This strategic partnership reflects TAQA Arabia’s commitment to expanding its presence in Tanzania and supporting the nation’s energy diversification goals.

During the ceremony, Doto Mashaka Biteko, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy of Tanzania, who presided over the commissioning ceremony, lauded TAQA Arabia and JCG Oil and Gas for their joint investment and support to the government.

“We are on the cusp of a transformative shift in Tanzania’s energy landscape. The new CNG Filling Station and Conversion Center is a monumental achievement that demonstrates the Tanzanian government’s keenness to provide state-of-the-art solutions and technological prowess as part of our commitment to form a sustainable, greener and economically efficient future,” he noted. 

“TAQA Arabia is committed to expanding its presence in the Tanzanian market across various areas, one of which is providing CNG filling stations and conversion centres to enable and supply cars with compressed natural gas, as demonstrated by the project we are launching today. Through its diverse subsidiaries, TAQA Arabia is looking to provide various services and solutions for delivering natural gas to households, as well as catering to the varied needs of customers in Tanzania with compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas,” said Khaled Abu Bakr, the Chairperson of TAQA Arabia.

“We’re delighted to announce the commissioning of Tanzania’s inaugural integrated CNG Filling Station and Conversion Center in Dar es Salaam, Pakinam Kafafi, CEO of TAQA Arabia elaborated.

 “We consider this as a major milestone for TAQA Arabia as we join hands with JCG and the Tanzanian government, marking a significant stride in TAQA Arabia’s commitment to serving Tanzania’s energy needs with the cutting-edge solutions to expand the use of natural gas while aligning with the nation’s energy vision.”

“TAQA Arabia, a leading energy provider and a pioneer in CNG technology, is thrilled to bring this cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to Tanzania, enhancing its economic growth, and reducing emissions. With its know-how, and track record of successful energy projects, TAQA Arabia is willing to support Tanzania in benefiting from its gas reserves and great energy potential in the most effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions. TAQA Arabia is looking also to add greater value to clients either with natural gas distribution, conventional and renewable power generation and distribution and other utility services that the company provides,” Kafafi added.

It is noteworthy that a CNG-powered passenger vehicle is estimated to emit about 25% less CO2. It is, on average, 50% cheaper than petrol cars. The CNG station is the first of 12 stations that TAQA Arabia plans to establish in cooperation with its JV in Tanzania in the coming years to support the government’s strategic plans and increase the use of compressed natural gas as a cleaner and cheaper alternative to fuel.

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