Dell Technologies accelerates business transformation with generative AI solutions

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Dell Technologies announced new additions to its Dell Generative AI Solutions portfolio, enabling businesses to transform their workflows with generative AI (GenAI). GenAI is a branch of artificial intelligence that can create novel data, such as images, text, or code, based on existing data.

“GenAI requires the right combination of infrastructure, data strategy, and software and services to support workloads across hybrid cloud environments,” said Jeff Boudreau, chief AI officer, Dell Technologies. “With our expanded validated designs, professional services, industry collaborations, and the world’s broadest GenAI solutions portfolio, Dell helps organizations implement GenAI models with their data to drive faster, trusted business outcomes.”

Customise GenAI models with proprietary data

The Dell Validated Design for Generative AI: Model Customization is a result of Dell’s collaboration with NVIDIA to offer pre-trained models that can extract insights from data without building models from scratch.

This Dell Validated Design for Generative AI provides best practices for customizing and fine-tuning GenAI models based on desired outcomes while keeping data secure and on-premises. With a scalable blueprint for customization, organizations can tailor GenAI models to accomplish specific tasks with their proprietary data. Its modular and flexible design supports a wide range of computational requirements and use cases, such as training diffusion, transfer learning, and prompt tuning.

Dell Validated Designs for Generative AI now support both model tuning and inferencing, allowing users to quickly deploy GenAI models with proven infrastructure including the Dell PowerEdge XE9680, the industry’s best performing AI server, or the Dell PowerEdge R760xa, with a choice of NVIDIA® Tensor Core GPUs, NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, the NVIDIA NeMo™ end-to-end framework, and Dell software. By combining compute power with storage options, such as Dell PowerScale and Dell ObjectScale, customers can rapidly feed models with multiple storage data types with the validated design. The infrastructure is also available with flexible consumption models via Dell APEX.

Prepare data, people, and processes for GenAI

Dell is applying its expertise and experience to help customers generate better, faster business results with expanded GenAI professional services capabilities:

Data Preparation Services provide customers with a clean, accurate data set in the right format enabling AI projects to move smoothly while simplifying data integration and delivering quality data output. Dell Implementation Services establish an operational GenAI platform for inferencing and model customization, accelerating time to value. Paired with Dell Managed Services, Dell can operate the full NVIDIA-based GenAI solution, improving operational efficiency and allowing customers to focus on building their proprietary GenAI use cases. Education Services help customers gain the critical skills to close the GenAI capabilities gap.

“Our recent study on Generative AI use in the enterprise showed that organizations want to use their own data to customize key foundation models, but they also need assistance in preparing their data for that work,” said Bob O’Donnell, president and chief analyst, TECHnalysis Research. “Dell’s latest Generative AI solutions and partnerships offer a broad set of capabilities that help companies capitalize on this potential, bridging knowledge gaps and ensuring data drives discernible, impactful business results.”

Dell expands data access to GenAI in multicloud environments

Dell and Starburst are integrating Starburst analytics software with Dell’s industry-leading enterprise storage platforms to help customers access valuable data wherever it resides.

The companies are jointly engineering an open, modern scale-out lakehouse solution, to bridge data siloes and help companies extract insights to make better, more informed decisions about their business. Built with open-software principles, customers will gain easy and secure access to multicloud data to get the most value from GenAI-driven workflows and deployments across their IT landscape.

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