Egypt’s Tourism Ministry provides financial support of EGP 10m for developing tourist destinations

Nehal Samir
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Egypt’s Tourism Ministry announced that it provided financial support worth EGP10m for tourism and urban developments for tourist destinations across Egypt’s governorates.

This fund is considered outside the mandate of the Tourism development Authority (TDA).

In its first follow up report on Egypt’s Tourism Reform Programme (E-TRP), the ministry stated that it is currently working on achieving the sustainable tourism development for 67 tourist centres to increase investments.

The report mentioned that the ministry has completed the implementation and operation of about 1,850 hotel rooms, and started the implementation of 20,000 new rooms.

It pointed out that many items were added to better serve the tourism service activity in Egypt, through eight new separate restaurants, two health clubs, five waterways, a commercial mall,  11 commercial shops, 21 beach cafeterias, three bank branches, two golf courses, eight different sports playgrounds, 22 beach treadmills, and a theatre.

The report noted that an integrated strategy and vision for tourism development for the lands which are affiliated to the TDA  has been finalised in coordination with the Technical Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Urban Development, and the National Centre for Planning the State Lands Usages.

In November 2018 , the ministry launched the E—TRP through which this structural reform programme is designed to change the narrative on Egyptian tourism. The vision is to achieve a sustainable tourism sector through implementing structural reforms that strengthen the sector’s competitiveness and are consistent with international standards.

The structural reform pillars are, institutional, legislative, branding & promotion, infrastructure & tourism development, and international tourism trends. This is all directed to put Egypt on a sustainable path, consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals .

The  E-TRP is a framework through which each pillar has well defined goals and required procedures, in order to  achieve them.

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