Komandaz for finishing, home maintenance aims to expand in Gulf region

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Komandaz for finishing and home maintenance aims to expand its services into the Gulf markets, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Ramez Henry, founder and chairperson of the company, told Daily News Egypt that the application was launched last year and was able to provide its services to about 35,000 customers, while it aims to increase them to 120,000 customers by the end of this year.

Henry added that the application provides all finishing works through a group of trained workers, and customers are given a general guarantee on the services provided, with the possibility of paying the cost in instalments.

“I relied on my previous experience in the contracting field to launch the application, after I found a great deal of suffering on the part of many clients to obtain finishing, foundation and construction services at good price and quality,” he said.

“Customers have options before contracting with large contracting companies, and this is not appropriate because many clients are individuals or small companies, or dealing with small companies that do not provide them with the required quality service.”

He also said that the idea of ​​the application aims to provide a platform that provides all services related to finishing, foundation, construction and architecture, whether for small companies or individuals, with appropriate quality and with a guarantee also obtained by the customer.

The application provides customers with an integrated package of services that start from basic construction work for residential units to complete finishes, passing through simple household chores such as electricity, plumbing and carpentry.

Henry explained that the company served 35,000 customers in 2022, with a turnover of more than EGP 70m.

The company aims to expand application services to reach about 120,000 customers and achieve about EGP 1.5bn in turnover by the end of 2023. During January and February, we were able to conclude contracts worth EGP 400m, as well as expanding into foreign markets, starting with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The interior finishes offered by the platform include sub-sections, including interior design, wood floor finishing, tiles and hard surfaces, wood wall cladding, gypsum board cladding, tile cladding, drop ceiling, painting, gypsum and decoration.

The application provides architectural services, from engineering drawing to complete delivery of residential units.

He added: “Currently, we provide our services in Greater Cairo, El Gouna, and the North Coast, and perhaps in 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed, and the Fifth Settlement areas are the most in demand for our services in Greater Cairo.”

Regarding the challenges, the founder of the company said that changing the prices of raw materials is one of the most prominent challenges facing us, but it is overcome through agreements concluded by the platform with many companies supplying these raw materials in the local market, which allowed them to obtain facilities that mitigated the impact of the price increase on customers.

Regarding the nature of the services provided by the application, he said, “We offer home services to our customers as a kind of added value, which includes cleaning, maintenance, and others.”

Henry explained the advantages provided by the application, that the platform saves customers time and effort in searching for workers and agreeing with them on the project. All you have to do is choose the service and we, in turn, implement it at the prices that are indicated in the agreement.

It also guarantees customers that the service will be provided professionally, as our workers are trained periodically to be at the best level, in addition to providing a one-year warranty on the services provided through the application.

Among the advantages that the application provides to customers is the availability of the installment service for all application services, whether for housework or maintenance and finishes over 6 months without interest, through a number of banks and the “ValU”.

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