Japanese companies are eager to do business in Egypt: Ambassador 

Nehal Samir
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Oka Hiroshi, the Japanese Ambassador to Egypt, has stressed that the Japanese companies are equally eager to do business in Egypt, mentioning that Japanese investment to Egypt doubled last year.

He mentioned that this week a Japanese company was awarded by the Prime Minister for achieving the biggest export from Free Zones and it also produced the largest employment opportunities for the Egyptians.

The Japanese Ambassador stressed that Egypt, and Japan enjoy a solid friendship, mentioning that building on the solid friendship between Egypt and Japan, there is ample opportunity for Japan and Egypt to work together for peace and stability in the region, according to Oka Hiroshi, the Japanese Ambassador to Egypt.

He added that Egypt is an essential partner for the Japan-sponsored African development process called “Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD)” that started in 1993.

“Japan and Egypt are joining hands to train human capitals or extend support for the people in need in ME and Africa, including Palestinians, based on the human-centered approach derived from the concept of “human security” and “no one left behind,” the Ambassador said.

The Japanese Ambassador’s remarks came on the sidelines of the reception held to celebrate Japan`s national day, the birthday of HM Emperor of Japan who turned 63 years old on Thursday.

Oka highlighted that since this first encounter of the two nations 160 years ago, the two countries’ friendship has continued to develop to become excellent partners.

“Since my arrival to Cairo, I have found many footprints of close friendship between the Japanese and the Egyptians; the Opera House, the Peace Bridge over the Suez-canal, Children’s Hospital at Abu Areesh, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, Metro Line 4, and Great Egyptian Museum. The list is long and expanding,” Ambassador Oka mentioned.

“Today, I signed an EN with Minister of International Cooperation to provide budget support worth $330 million to help advance Universal Insurance System in Egypt.In March last year, Japan supported the first issuance of Samurai bond worth $500 million by the Egyptian Government to alleviate the fallout from the war in Ukraine,” the Ambassador highlighted.

 “We are deeply indebted to many pathfinders as well as anonymous work by many from both sides for the continued friendship,” Ambassador stressed.

He continued that Professor Yoshimura, the leading Japanese Egyptologist, had continued his archeological work for more than 50 years since 1966. His discovery of King Kufu’s Second Solar Boat is considered a milestone achievement by Japanese archeologists and will fascinate millions of visitors to the Grand Egyptian Museum, where its restoration work will continue.

“GEM is literally the new symbol of our cooperation. At first, Japanese experts were only allowed to work on replicas. Now, having acquired full confidence from the Egyptians, Japanese and Egyptians archeologists are working hand in hand to preserve many precious artifacts of King Tut Ankh Amun at GEM,” The Ambassador Said.

He also talked about Professor Kasahara, MD pediatric surgeon that has continued to work with Egyptian doctors tirelessly for more than 20 years to save the lives of many Egyptian children. As soon as he finishes his operation in Tokyo, he gets on an airplane to come to Cairo to join the surgical operation, including living donor liver transplantation, on children on Saturdays and Sundays to return to Tokyo to join the conference in hospital on Monday morning. His dedicated commitment to save lives beyond boundaries has motivated many young Japanese medical doctors to work overseas to save lives.

“Captain Rashwan, Silver medalist in the Olympics, is a Judo legend not only for Egyptians but also for Japanese. His well-known strength and fair-play represent the essence of Judo and inspired many young Egyptians to start practicing Judo. Popularity of Japanese Martial Arts in Egypt is bringing our friendship even closer. We were so happy when Egyptian Karate Champion, Feryal Abdelaziz became the first Egyptian woman to win a gold medal in the Olympics at Tokyo in 2021,” he mentioned.

“Japan is very close to the Egyptians through their palate as well. “Japonica rice” was introduced to the Egyptian tables in 1917 and since then Japonica rice has been an indispensable ingredient for Koshary, the national Diet for the Egyptians,” he added.

Oka concluded his words by mentioning that these exchanges and cooperation at grass root have developed mutual respect between the two peoples and made our friendship firm and solid.

“I am so happy to see educational cooperation advancing in all the stages of education in Egypt, including 11,300 Egyptian boys and girls learning at 51 Egyptian Japanese Schools who will carry the torch of friendship to the future generations,” he concluded.

The event was attended by a lot of public figures, officials, and diplomats including Mohamed Amin Nasr, Advisor to the President for Financial Affairs; Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance; Mohamed Abbas Helmy Hashem, Minister of Civil Aviation; and Mahmoud Amer, Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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