Irrigation Minister heads to Tanzania for a 2-day official visit 

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Egypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Hani Sweilam,  and the technical delegation accompanying him arrived in Tanzania on an official visit for two days to discuss bilateral cooperation.  

During a meeting with Gomaa Hamidou Oweso, the Minister of Water of the Federal Republic of Tanzania, Sweilam stressed the depth of the Egyptian-Tanzanian relations at all levels, pointing out that the Nile River represents the lifeline that connects all the countries of the basin, and therefore it must be a source of cooperation and peace and not a cause of competition and disagreement.

He pointed out that Egypt has always played a pioneering role in strengthening the bonds of cooperation between the Nile Basin countries by creating common interests and achieving mutual benefit for all parties. Egypt also believes that striving for development is a legitimate right for any country, provided that it does not harm any other country.

The two ministers discussed ways to advance cooperation between the two countries in the field of water resources in accordance with the needs of the Tanzanian side, which expressed its aspiration to implement dams to harvest rainwater, in addition to groundwater wells.

Sweilam stressed Egypt’s keenness to enhance economic cooperation between the two countries, encourage Egyptian businessmen to contribute to advancing the development and economy in Tanzania, and open the way for Egyptian companies to work especially in the fields of electricity, energy, oil and infrastructure.

During the meeting, the minister also indicated that Egypt had put forward an international initiative to adapt to climate changes in the water sector in cooperation with many international partners, expressing his hope for the participation of Tanzania in this important initiative, which will contribute to dealing with the negative effects of climate in Tanzania.

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