Lebanese actress Nour stars in ‘Nabil El Gameel’ after 5-year absence from cinema

Kadry Al-Haggar
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Lebanese actress Nour, one of the prominent artists of her generation, was part of the Best Arab Film Award Jury in the 2022 Cairo International Film Festival. Nour also co-stars along with comedy actor Mohamed Henedy in the new film Nabil El Gameel. Daily News Egypt interviewed Nour to learn about her new film and other upcoming works.

Nour began her career as an advertisement model after graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Beirut in 1995. Her first major film role was in “Short w Fanela w Kab” in 2000. She then starred in many successful Egyptian films like “Ashab Walla Business” in 2001, “Okal,” (2004), “Matab Senaa’y”, and “Zarf Tareq” in 2006. She also starred in several TV series like “Al Amil 1001” in 2005, and “Domoa’ Al Qamar” in 2008.


How was your experience on the Best Arab Film Award Jury in the Cairo International Film Festival?

It was a more than wonderful experience. The competition gave me the opportunity to watch wonderful films and analyze them. I am very proud that I was part of the jury in a large and prestigious festival such as the Cairo Film Festival.


How did the jury pick the winning film?

Frankly, it was very difficult. The 13 films were all outstanding. But in the end, as I mentioned, there are many factors that the jury put in place to choose the best, and the decision was not individual. It was after consultation and research for days.


What do you think of the 44th session of the Cairo Film Festival?

It was more than wonderful, starting from organizing events for guests to private cinema shows. Really, I was very happy to be part of this great event, which is one of the most important festivals for cinema in the Arab world and the world, and for everyone interested in cinema.


How do you see the state of cinema now in light of the presence of different platforms for a viewing?

I am from the generation that worked in the cinema before the existence of electronic platforms, and this in itself was a special pleasure because the cinema at that time had a different shape. It is different in that it opens up more space to present more works of art, whether in drama or cinema, and this is very useful for all film and drama makers, especially after a great period of stagnation due to the Corona epidemic and the period that followed.


Since we are talking about cinema, what about your participation in the movie “Nabil El Gameel”?

The film stars the beautiful star Mohamed Heneidy. I am very happy to participate with him in the film. This is because I see that he is an exceptional case in comedy, as he has had a special character and style in the comedy of his own since his inception. No one can ever become Henedy because he is in his own area and I was very happy to participate with him. I will embody the personality of a plastic surgeon competing with Henedy, who also embodies the personality of a plastic surgeon in the work. And the events take place in a comic framework, and it was written by Muhammad Mahrez and Amin Jamal, and directed by Khaled Marei. Rahma Ahmed Ahmed Fouad Salim Hajjaj Abdel-Azim and a number of stars participate in the events.


Why did you choose to return to cinema after an absence of 5 years?

As I mentioned to you that cinema and drama have been going through a crisis since the existence of Corona, so I had no desire to present new cinematic works during that period. But when I received the offer to participate in the film, I was very happy because I was hoping to work with Henedy because I am one of his fans on a personal and artistic level, and participation with him will be different and distinct. In addition, I see that the audience needs larger doses of comedies to mitigate the events that are happening around them.


You recently finished filming the second part of the series “A Family Matter”, tell us about your participation.

In the second part, I present the character of a neurologist, who is friends with the Majid family, and she is a completely new character in the events that were not present in the first part. The work is scheduled to be shown during the next month on one of the platforms like the first part.


You had a distinguished experience last Ramadan in “Raj’een Ya Hawa”, so will you participate in another Ramadan TV series?

God willing, I will participate in the series “Arabian Nights” with the artist Yasser Jalal, and it will be a surprise character, and I consider it a turning point in the works that I presented. I am very happy to cooperate with Yasser once again, as he is a distinguished artist who has a great ability to embody the character professionally as if he is a real person. There is a strange chemistry between us. I feel very comfortable behind the scenes with any work that brings us together, as he has a great ability to make us feel like we are one family behind the camera. I hope that the work will be successful when it is presented.


Is the series adapted from One Thousand and One Nights folk tales?

The characters in the work are completely far from Scheherazade and Shahryar, the characters famous for The Thousand and One Nights, and the work has different events that will be a surprise to everyone, God willing.


Did the series “Raj’een Ya Hawa” increase your responsibility in thinking about what you will present next?

Of course, this series was one of the most beautiful and prestigious dramas, so the audience loved it very much and was attached to every character in the series. Of course, the steps of the artist must be well calculated before making the decision to participate in a new work after achieving great success in the work before it. But the audience is certainly fully aware of the meaning of the diversity of roles, and that the artist presents many different personalities that are far from each other, and the artist must strive to remain respectful of the minds and hearts of his audience, who are always waiting for something new.


Are there certain conditions that you place when choosing your business?

I like to present difficult roles. I am looking for a character with many contradictions. Complex characters appeal to me because they have a large acting space through which I can provide more acting energy. I also prefer works that have a message and a goal, as well as works that embody society and the difficulties that the citizen goes through.


Do your features still confine you to a certain area of roles?

I don’t think so. I played many roles, and they never depended on my appearance. I think that this matter could be at the beginning of the artist’s career, and after that, he is the one who chooses whether he will continue in this journey, or whether he will choose roles that have a great acting performance, completely far from his features. I believe that the real success of the artist is achieved when the audience believes you in a role different from your personality and completely away from your features.


What character do you still dream of presenting and the dream has not been fulfilled yet?

The life of writer Mai Ziada was full of events that I hope to present through an artwork that illustrates the history of this wonderful strong personality. She is educated and different. I have read a lot about her, and I dream of presenting her character in an artwork that illustrates the character that people knew through reading only.

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