Army’s Chief of Staff inspects reclamation projects in Toshka

Sami Hegazi
1 Min Read

Osama Askar, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, inspected on Saturday the project of reclamation and cultivation in Toshka.

Askar listened to a detailed explanation that included the latest status of the project according to the performance rates and time plans of the project to achieve the desired results from that agricultural patch added to Egypt’s agricultural area.

This was followed by passing through several areas of the project, which aims to create integrated agricultural communities working with the latest science in the field of agricultural reclamation to support the state’s efforts in the field of food security, and achieving the agricultural boom that contributes to self-sufficiency in various agricultural crops.

During the inspection tour, Askar praised the efforts exerted by all workers of the project, stressing the importance of taking advantage of all available potentials and capabilities to maximize the benefits of that agricultural patch.

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