10 police officers sentenced to 1 year in prison for insulting Minya’s Security Director 

Sarah El-Sheikh
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Minya Criminal Court sentenced on Tuesday ten non-commissioned police officers to one year in prison with work and access, on charges of insulting security director of Minya governorate, Abdel Aziz Abu Qora, and his deputy Mohamed Fayek.

The court further acquitted thirteen other police officers who was also involved in the case.

The group of 23 police officers had arranged a strike in 12 August 2013, to call for fair and equal treatment, and increase of their salaries. The strike shifted into a dispute when the police officers allegedly stormed the office of the security director, and forced him to leave the building of the Directorate.

The police officers continued pursing Abu Qora in the streets, and prevented him from entering governorate office to hide there, in which led him to take train and leave Minya.

The General Prosecution had previously refereed 23 non-commissioned police officers to court in May 2016, on accusations illegal assembly, incitement to violence and riots, and demonstrations against the heads of the Ministry of the Interior.

There have been recent strikes by police officers in Egypt. In December 2016, South Cairo Prosecution detained 10 police officers working in the Tourism Police Department, on charges of unlawful gathering, calling for a strike, and obstructing traffic.

The police officers arranged a rally in front of the Tourism Police Department to reject the increase in working hours ordered by the Ministry of Interior.

These were not the first police officers detained for attempting to strike. In March 2016, seven non-commissioned police officers were accused of inciting other officers to strike, organising illegal protests, and belonging to illegal groups that aimed to disrupt the work of the police.

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