UAE’s Beeah works on launching new projects in Egypt by 2023

Fatma Salah
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Khaled Al Huraimel, CEO of Beeah Group, revealed that the company is in the process of launching new projects in cooperation with the private real estate sector in Egypt.

Al-Huraimel told Daily News Egypt that the company launched its operations in the New Administrative Capital and targets Sharm El-Sheikh, coinciding with COP27.

He added that the company provides waste recycling services in Sharm El-Sheikh with a contract that extends for 10 years.

Last September, Beeah – Green Planet alliance signed a contract with South Sinai governorate for waste management in Sharm El-Sheikh, the second contract for Beeah Group in Egypt.

He added that during the past weeks, Beeah has embarked on rehabilitating the infrastructure necessary for waste management and developing appropriate solutions for waste collection in the city.

He said that the process of converting areas takes about 15 years, but the development of Sharm El-Sheikh was easy due to the available basics of technological infrastructure.

He stressed that containers equipped with advanced technologies powered by solar energy were distributed in various locations in the city and recycling stations were strategically distributed to collect and treat different types of waste, such as electronic waste, in addition to organic and mixed waste.

He pointed out that the company has seized the development work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is in the process of expanding in the Middle East and Africa, stressing that the company is focusing in the short term on its business in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

He added that the company has many projects in the United Arab Emirates, as it is 50% owned by the UAE government, explaining that the company is one of the pillars of the UAE’s plan to shift to zero carbon emissions by 2050.

He pointed out that the company is not currently planning to offer stocks in the stock exchange in the UAE markets, but it could come at a later stage.


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