No contracts to be made with government agencies except through electronic invoices as of 1 December

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Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority Mokhtar Tawfik said that as of 1 December, no contracts will be made with units of the state administrative apparatus, local administration units, public service and economic bodies, and other public persons or companies except through the electronic tax invoice system.

Tawfik added in a statement released by the authority on Tuesday that the Tax Authority reiterates its warning to companies that were obligated to join the electronic invoice system in its previous stages of implementation to quickly join the system in order not to be charged with tax evasion as per the mandate of Unified Tax Procedures Law No. 206 of 2020.

He stressed that the authority is taking legal measures against companies that are not committed to joining the electronic invoice system, noting that the tax authority will not hesitate to take measures that would take advantage of the rights of the state’s public treasury.

He explained that according to the provisions of Article 35 of the Unified Tax Procedures Law, companies and other legal persons are obligated to register their sales on the electronic system, as well as Article 37 of the same law, which stipulates that every financier or taxpayer is obligated to issue a tax invoice or receipt in electronic form.

For her part, Maha Ali Abdel Khalek — Director of the Media Office of the Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority — explained that the authority is providing the necessary tax awareness regarding the electronic invoice system, including the notification of mandatory decisions issued in its regard, as well as any developments related to the system in preparation for the restriction coming to effect on 1 December.

She also said that the office organises awareness seminars online about the electronic invoice system and that they are announced on the authority’s website as well its official pages on Facebook and Instagram, adding that there are many awareness videos about the system on the authority’s official YouTube channel.

Furthermore, Abdel Khalek said that the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Authority provide all facilities and support for companies to join the electronic invoice system through the electronic invoice support centres, field visits, the integrated call centre, or e-mail.

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