Egypt’s ITI completes training of 1,000 Al-Azhar students

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The Information Technology Institute (ITI) of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has completed a round of training programmes for Al-Azhar University students that has been ongoing for a few months.

President of the ITI Heba Saleh said that the training programmes for Al-Azhar University students focused on linking technological skills for future careers in ICT sciences and self-employment skills.

“The ITI held intensive training sessions for 1,000 male and female students from various Al-Azhar faculties such as engineering, science, and commerce on technological skills in order to raise their competencies and enable them to occupy future jobs,” she added.

The training programmes included disciplines such as AI, IoT, cyber security, website programming, mobile applications, digital design, open source, database, and social media.

It is worth mentioning that the programme presented a model for integrated training, including direct and online lectures, in addition to practical training and graduation projects in cooperation with the private sector to ensure the development of practical and personal skills for the students of the university and its branches across the country and the preparation of a developed generation capable of competing in local and international competitions as per the Digital Egypt Strategy, which seeks to enhance the digital skills of the country’s youths.

Previously, the communications ministry signed a cooperation protocol with Al-Azhar University in May 2021 to cooperate in a number of tracks, which included the training of this batch of Al-Azhar students by the ITI, which aims to train and qualify male and female students and graduates to meet the requirements of the labour market.

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