Brimore, social e-commerce platform in Egypt announces restructuring to reduce costs, increase profitability

Daily News Egypt
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Brimore — a social e-commerce platform in Egypt that was established in 2017 — announced that it will be restructured to keep up with the current global events.

At the same time, the restructuring will take into account emphasising its strategic plan in the local market to provide thousands of new job opportunities for young people in Egypt and provide local products at economic prices. Brimore said that the repercussions of the recent Russian-Ukrainian War did not stop the company from facing these challenges.

The war has led to many great challenges for many companies in various sectors and markets, which is why Brimore decided to take a decisive path of operational reconstruction to achieve its goals, the most important of which is profitability.

The company is working to develop its local products at competitive prices in line with the needs of consumers in Egypt.

Founded five years ago, Brimore devised a business model that uses technology to market local products at economical prices. With the tireless efforts of all active and supportive parties to Brimore, the process of rebuilding efficiently and effectively began in ways that suit the size of the company’s operations in the Egyptian market.

In a press release, Brimore said that all its success partners — including investors, suppliers, customers, workers, and founders — are working with utmost dedication and effort to complete the success story of the company as an integral part of the modern fabric of the Egyptian economy.

With Brimore’s unique infrastructure and technology, the company has managed to take advantage of market penetration opportunities for emerging brand owners.

Brimore empowers its sellers — the majority of whom are women — by providing alternative and more flexible ways to generate income so they can become local leaders with their customised online and offline selling solutions.

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