Government explores ways to motivate Egyptians living abroad to invest at home

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Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, met Tuesday with Soha Gendi, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Expatriates’ Affairs, within the framework of the government’s keenness to motivate Egyptians working abroad to invest in Egypt.

During the meeting, the Minister of Finance reviewed the promising opportunities offered by the state in national projects in various financial sectors, in addition to the strong infrastructure capable of accommodating the expansion of productive and investment activities, pointing out that the government aspires to enhance the contributions of Egyptians abroad in the process of comprehensive and sustainable development in its various tributaries, on to contribute to improving the standard of living of citizens and upgrading the services provided to them.

Maait said that the government is keen to meet the needs of Egyptians working abroad, link them to their homeland, and overcome any obstacles they may face. which contributes to deepening their national affiliation; as one of Egypt’s soft power tools, which helps us promote the performance of the Egyptian economy abroad, expressing his full readiness to cooperate with the Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs in implementing the economic recommendations of the third edition of the Conference of Egyptian Entities Abroad, in a manner that enhances the structure of the national economy.

Minister Gendi said that her meeting with the Minister of Finance comes within the meetings she holds with the relevant ministers to contribute to meeting the needs of Egyptians abroad, conveying their demands, and preparing an integrated set of incentives in various economic files, explaining that the Ministry of Immigration is preparing an electronic application on smartphones to facilitate the provision of services for Egyptians abroad.

During the meeting, she reviewed the economic recommendations of the third edition of the Conference of Egyptian Entities Abroad, which were submitted to Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, including his directives to approve the proposal to establish a joint-stock company for Egyptians abroad and discuss mechanisms for its implementation; in a way that helps to maximize their role in promoting investments in Egypt, with a focus on national priority projects that achieve sustainable development.

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