Irrigation Minister stresses importance of scientific research in water sector

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hani Sweilam said that many countries of the world suffer from water shortage, especially with the continuous increase in the population in conjunction with the stability of fresh water quantities at the global level. 

This came during his participation on Sunday in the opening session of the “Environment and Development Forum … The Road to COP27”.

He pointed out that the effects of climate change on the water sector, has become a reality we are witnessing in many extreme weather phenomena in many countries, noting that the increasing demand for water for drinking, agricultural and industrial purposes will make the process of balancing resources and needs a major challenge in many countries.

Sweilam reviewed the challenges that Egypt faces in the field of water due to limited water resources and the negative effects of climate change, which made the per capita share of water in Egypt to 560 cubic meters annually.

The minister mentioned that 97% of the renewable water in Egypt comes from the Nile Basin, and therefore the hydrological changes in the Nile Basin is at the center of attention due to its direct impact on the water resources of the Egyptian state.

Sweilam stressed his keenness to enhance the role of scientific research in all the activities of the ministry during the coming period. 

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