Ghanaians celebrate traditional yam festival

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A spectacular display of rich Ghanaian culture and tradition on Saturday climaxed a week-long celebration of this year’s yam festival by the people of Asogli in Ho, the capital of Ghana’s Volta Region.

Traditional leaders, elders, and youth in Asogli state in the region trouped to the Jubilee Park amid drumming, dancing, and firing of musketry for the celebration.

“Africa is blessed with rich natural resources and arable lands that can be cultivated to feed our people and for export to create wealth,” said Togbe Afede XIV, the traditional ruler of the Asogli state.

He said the annual festival is to honour yam farmers and all other farmers and encourage young people to take farming as a career. Yam is a staple for Ghanaians and the leading export produce of Ghana.

“This is our history, our culture, and what brings us together as one people. The festival unites us, recognizes the hardworking farmers for their efforts, and encourages the youth who are the future leaders to emulate the hard work of the older generations,” said Fidelia Kukah, a resident in Ho.

Members of the diplomatic community in Ghana and guests from other traditional areas in Ghana and neighbouring Togo joined the celebration.

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