National Dialogue’s Board of Trustees discusses final draft of regulations

Daily News Egypt
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The Board of Trustees of the Egyptian National Dialogue discussed on Wednesday the final draft of Article (18) of the regulations governing the Board and sub-committees. This came during a meeting held at the headquarters of the National Training Academy.


Diaa Rashwan, the General Coordinator of the National Dialogue, had previously announced that the fourth meeting will see the formation of political, economic and social sub-committees.


In its last meeting, the Board of Trustees reviewed its findings after its second session, defining the issues of the political axis, which included the establishment of 3 sub-committees: the exercise of political rights, parliamentary representation, political parties, localities, human rights and public freedoms.


The Council is scheduled to finish its discussions regarding the formation of sub-committees in the political, economic and societal axes, as well as the final draft of Article 18 of the regulations governing the work of the Board of Trustees and its committees and activities.


In the implementation of the right of public opinion to know and to immediately and transparently follow up on the course of the dialogue, the Board of Trustees, upon the conclusion of its meeting, will issue a statement to be sent to the Egyptian and foreign press and media, explaining the decisions and procedures it has reached regarding the activities of the national dialogue.


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