2.8% increase in foreigners with work permits in Egypt’s private, investment sectors in 2021

Hossam Mounir
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The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) released an annual bulletin for foreign employees in Egypt’s private and investment sectors in Egypt 2021 on Sunday.

The most important indicators are as follows:

The number of foreigners who have a permit to work in Egypt’s private and investment sectors reached 11,718 foreigners of different nationalities in 2021, compared to 11,404 foreigners in 2020 — an increase of 2.8% due to the slight withdrawal of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the number of foreigners who received their first ever work permit in Egypt rose was 4,837 — an increase of 41.3% — and 6,881 renewed their contracts — an increase of 58.7%.

Non-Arab Asian countries represent the largest portion of foreigners with work permits, constituting 4,271 of the total number, 1,028 of which are from China and 924 from Bangladesh, followed by European countries with 3,157, 712 of which are from the UK and 516 from Italy.

Next up came Arab countries with 2,867 foreigners, with 1,193 coming from Syria and 571 from Palestine. Then there is 839 North Americans, 459 of which are Americans and 217 are Canadian.

Furthermore, Non-Arab African countries contributed 369 workers, while Oceania contributed 118.

Labour force directorates came in first in terms of issuing work permits for foreigners with 5,160 issued permits. Then came investment offices with 3,880, company offices with 1,475, followed by Petroleum companies with 1,203.

Senior officials and managers represent the largest number of foreign employees at 4,077, followed by 3,588 experts with, and 2,190 technicians and specialist.

Manufacturing came in first in terms of industries in which foreigners work in Egypt with 3,248 foreign employees; followed by arts, entertainment, and recreation with 2,406; 1,332 in Education; and 1,204 in mining and quarrying activities.

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